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Help Me Help You

In another world I was a genius.  An intelligent, well-spoken, quasi-educated individual with a wealth of advice to provide in an effort to better the planet, a nation, a single individual.  Then I woke up and realized that I am as dim-witted as the next guy whose follies befuddles himself as well as his loved ones.  I am like a third base coach.  I can send the runner home to score.  I can give secret signs to a batter.  I can signal a base-stealer to take off.  The problem is…that runner can get thrown out at the plate, or ground into a rally killing double play, or get picked off the bag.  That is the risk I take with the words that come out of my mouth or through my fingers.

I don’t dwell on giving bad advice.  In fact I think I’m pretty good at assisting my fellow man through the daily grind and the struggles that weigh us all down.  But buyer beware.  To err is human and sometimes I can be really human.  It stinks, I know, but one must be true to oneself for the decisions we make not only define us, but can define those people and things that bring us to that decision.  That is where I come in….I’m no genius, not anymore.  I make mistakes and I take responsibility for them.   So the best thing I can do is provide a fresh opinion, some possibly sound advice sprinkled with common sense, and a scapegoat if something should go awry.  So goodnight for now and dream the dreams that will make you feel good, however unrealistic they might be.